Even though they're awful, we love the Astros in the Hokanson household. I love the super cheap tickets, stadium nachos, and lack of traffic but Gray loves rooting for the "bayseball pawers".

Here he is in September hanging out with Aunt Kim and enjoying some great seats.


easy as one, TWO, three

I can't believe our little guy is about to be TWO years old! It has both flown by and made for some of the longest days of my life.

We are all about ONE thing at age TWO... THREE strikes and you guessed it...
BASEBALL! Gray probably spends about 80% of his day participating in sports related activities. Trust me, this crafty, TV watching, homebody of a momma was not ready for this outdoor loving child in constant movement.


Height---35.75 in.
86 percentile

Weight---30 lbs.
75 percentile

Hokanson Head Circumference---19.76 in.
87 percentile



Happy Belated Easter!

We had such a great Easter this year! My brother came in to town and the Gilbert clan got together for the first time in a while. Uncle Ross was so amazed at how big Gray is now and what an amazing arm he has... seriously.

Gray got a little help from Uncle Ross on his egg hunt. He slowly collected all of them in his bucket and then (of course) tossed them all out one by one. All in all, it was a successful 2nd Easter for little G full of fun memories!


Summer Days!

Days with Daddy are always messy and fun. Our little one and a half year old has recently discovered the joy of being wet outside in Houston's sweltering summers. Water and dirt mix to make this boy a hot mess...

who I love more than anything!


life lessons

Having a little boy has taught me many things...

the love of all things with buttons to press
faces don't need to be clean 24/7
how stopping and high-fiving every pole along the sidewalk is worth the time
that outside is THE place to be
one cannot own too many balls
that momma's hugs can make a world of difference

I love my little man and can't wait to see who he becomes as his personality and God's will unfolds.

Trail Riders

A Little Taste of Texas
Thankfully the trail riders made their way right past my school, so G and his little buddies stopped by to enjoy the show too! Love my little cowboy!